“As far as suspense-horror shorts go, Quick Shop manages to deliver the familiar while still leaving a few unpredictable moments…a fine standalone effort…competent and interesting enough to bring me along for the ride, and that’s not something to be dismissed.”

Mark Bell –

“In watching Quick Shop, it does not seem like only 15 minutes because an entire storyline is fit into that timeframe from start to finish very effectively. It is a clever film with an inventive script, and it gets a lot right. It is fast-paced, has a lot of twists and turns, and has a delightful unpredictability factor…This is a well-done film.”

Jeani Rector –

“Writer/director Martin Binder’s direction was good… He does a very good job getting the performances out of the actors….The ending was handled very well, as I thought it wasn’t predictable….The writers do a very good job catching you off guard.”

Anthony Thurber –

“Martin Binder provides us with a nice little short that succeeds in a combining a firm helping of humor and terror…Conceptually it’s nice to see a full circle resolve that ties all the elements together…There are some great works coming out of the short sector, and Quick Shop is definitely one of them.”

Mike Bohatch –

“Writer/director, Martin Binder clearly understands the genre tropes available to him and he plays with these very effectively…Quick Shop is a well-constructed and tightly edited thriller that makes the most of its genre boundaries. It is also a film that hints, strongly, at what Martin Binder could achieve if given a decent budget.”

Paul Pritchard –

“This is a really fun short…grabs you from the opening shot and keeps you engaged until the end credits….It’s well acted… Binder does a good job with the material and I’ll be eager to see what he comes up with next…”

Scott Shoyer –

“Horror is all about tragedy and here, in Quick Shop, Binder shows some understanding of a genre that is a lot more complex than most give it credit for….Quick Shop is an enjoyable short feature…Seek this one out if the film is set to horrify a theatre near you.”

Michael Allen –

“…a fun and tight ride that bears the mark of a competent filmmaker with a strong feel for the genre…Quick Shop works better when it leans on the simple, from the haunting opening scene shot from inside a closet to some stalker-y chases inside the convenience store.”

Emily Intravia –

“I admire Martin Binder…a filmmaker who commits to the craft, learns a few lessons along the way and returns for round two….the acting in Quick Shop is dramatically improved from Binder’s first film…one gets the sense that Quick Shop is much more indicative of what Binder could do if given a decent budget to work with…”

Richard Propes –“Perhaps the most shocking thing about Quick Shop is just how well produced it is. Yes, it’s a short horror flick made on a low budget, but the filmmaker clearly knew what he was doing. The editing and cinematography are all very well done, and even the unseasoned actors do quite a good job with their roles.”

Justin Wren –

“I’ll give the movie points for the clever little twist…The acting is okay…the best of which comes from Aimee Wein…Quick Shop has potential…”

Garon Cockrell –

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