Quick Shop in the news

I recently discovered that Quick Shop made Pulpmovie.com’s list of “most memorable independent films of 2011”. Check out the article here.

Also, Michael Baron Craze recently posted his recount of the Terror Film Festival from back in October 2011. He includes a nice little review of Quick Shop:

QUICK SHOP, from director Martin Binder rounded out the second gem film of this segment. The film contains multiple layers filter with twists on twists and providing quick thrills in all shapes, sizes and pounds, adding humor with terror and keeping the pacing moving smoothly. A hint of classic inspiration, from both Tales from the Crypt and Poe anthologies adds to this dark funny film. The storyline involves two friends Hunter and Trevor with a damage friendship trying to repair it while heading to Trevor’s parents home in the country, making a pit stop at a convenience store. Quickly things change from normal and ordinary to strange and unexpected, simply stated not everything is, as it seems allowing for a few surprising moments, chase scenes, and a creepy fellow. Horror fans, take note, a common rule in the genre , ‘Splitting Up’ is highly overlooked, and we all known the results of that action, one goes from the frying pan to the dinner plate. The story rushes by in hurried effective manner, for the short film with unseasoned actors, on a budget of $500 in five days with one error a pixilated sign in the store, but solid editing and cinematography have one overlooking the mirror flaw. The best line of the story, “I can’t die in a meat stop I’m a vegan”, and lastly this short puts the television show Scare Tactics to shame.

Check out his whole article on Rogue Cinema’s web site.

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